For a full list of websites related to animal rights/liberation please visit Veggies. Below is a list of pages recommended by Bristol Animal Rights Collective. We would encourage anyone when looking to get involved or to make a donation, to think first and foremost of local groups, for whom the need is usually greater.


Animal Liberation Hallmarks
Because We Must
UK Animal Rights Gathering
International Animal Rights Gathering
Animal Rights Calendar


Vegan Bristol
The Vegan Society
Bristol Vegan Buddies
Vegan Village
Barnivore  (vegan drinks guide)
Animal Free Shopper
Fair Foods
Green Garden Café
Veggies Catering Campaign


Bristol Hunt Saboteurs
Bristol Rising Tide
Stop Hinkley
Bristol Against Arms Trade
Bath Animal Action
Bristol No Borders
Swansea Animal Rights
Cardiff Animal Rights


The Black Fish
The Captive Animals Protection Society
Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT)
Greyhound Action
Hunt Saboteurs Association
Vivisection Information Network
Animal Aid
Coalition of Badger Action Groups (CBAG)
Earth First! UK


Animal Rights Prisoner Support
ALF Support Group
Bristol ABC


Kebele Community Coop
Hydra Books
The essential guide to flyposting
Riotska Records
Bastard Squad Collective


Vale Wildlife Hospital
Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre
Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary
Doris Banham Animal Sanctuary
The Farm Animal Sanctuary
F.R.I.E.N.D. Farmed Animal Rescue
Ferne Animal Sanctuary
Holly Hedge Sanctuary
The Retreat Animal Rescue
Hope Animal Rescue

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