Blackmail 3 Solidarity Statement

We stand in solidarity with the Blackmail3 and all activists criminalised by the state for challenging the horrific abuse of animals in laboratories and elsewhere. Huntingdon Life Sciences is an example of how global capitalism seeks to protect its economic function by oppressing all those who dare oppose it. It has always been paramount for this laboratory not to allow what happens behind closed doors to be taken into public domain for proper debate. The government backed media is effective in its whitewashing of ethical questioning by ignoring or belittling public demonstrations and is willing to endorse the pretence of a free speaking society by paying lip service only to those against the abuse of other species. The animal industry is hugely profitable and profit overrides all other concerns and dehumanises us in the process. The atrocities against sentient beings in the laboratories are echoed outside, where millions suffer the effects of the drugs and chemicals put on the market. The world’s well being, in general, is continually being jeopardised by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and the protectionist policies afforded them are a clear indication of their actual non concern. Since these massive conglomerates have such a tight grip on our economic system, it has become absolute mandate within governments to silence those that seek to expose them. Laws are passed that are ever more in line with total state control and as in the case of the Blackmail3, activists are seen as guilty simply by association.

While the Animal Liberation movement stands together against such laws, we are joining other movements for the right to challenge state repression in its many forms.  All over the world, those that speak out against the devastation of the planet, cruelty, injustice and the destruction of the innocent are gagged in whatever way possible. Surveillance, covert policing, evidence planting, false accusation, tagging, bail conditions spun out over months and years,  imprisonment, torture and murder are the tools of repression used against activists. Since dominion over other species, in all its cruel forms, is an intrinsic part of capitalist ideology,it is also crucial strategy for the powers that be to encourage the disengagement of the general public by nullifying any meaningful dissent.  If we don’t challenge state law and control now, there is every reason to believe that animal rights activists in the future will face even heavier repression than they do today. Our strength is our support of each other, especially of those who find themselves face to face with the state machine. We believe it is important to continually raise awareness of proceedings against activists and why they are happening in order to encourage and sustain a free thinking, progressive society which ultimately encompasses the liberation of all species.


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