Zoo Awareness Weekend – Bristol demos

As part of the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS)’s Zoo Awareness weekend we held protests outside Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm and Bristol Zoo on Easter Monday.

At Noah’s Ark we informed people visiting the zoo of the barbaric act of pinioning birds. A new report by CAPS  has exposed the zoo as being involved in this practice which consists of mutilating birds’ wings so that they are unable to fly. If this has been done birds can be displayed in open-topped outdoor enclosures, giving the public the misconception that the birds are free to come and go as they please. For more information on pinioning see the CAPS website here.

As is often the case at Noah’s Ark the zoo’s owner came out to argue with us and try to intimidate us, but all this got him was a bit of a telling off from the police that they had called to try and get rid of us! The staff were so anxious not to let visitors know the truth of what goes on behind the scenes that they were desperately trying to take all the leaflets we had given them away again!

Photo0563cropped and blurred

After Noah’s Ark we moved on to Bristol Zoo where we handed out hundreds more leaflets reminding people that there is no excuse for keeping animals captive for our entertainment. We found that many people had bought into the image the zoo likes to portray about how important it is in the battle for conservation, yet even staff we spoke to admitted that captive animals cannot be released into the wild as they would not survive. Quote of the day: ‘you go on about sad eyes, but that’s just what gorrilas look like’! The same member of staff tried to convince us that they must be happy otherwise they wouldn’t breed. She didn’t have much of a response when it was pointed out to her that animals on factory farms breed too, and they are clearly not very happy!


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