Protest against cruel animal tests at Bristol University

Via this is Bristol:

A CONVERTED ambulance was parked outside the University of Bristol in a protest against alleged animal cruelty.

Animal rights group Animal Aid claim the university is conducting “manifestly cruel” experiments on genetically modified (GM) mice which have yielded “worthless” results.


The university denies the claim, and says the research is necessary.

People passing the ambulance yesterday were shown a three-minute film which includes footage of a variety of GM mouse experiments.

The ambulance is stopping at numerous locations around the city and the university campaigning to bring an end to the experiments.

Adrian Stallwood, scientific consultant at Animal Aid, claimed the university was injecting acid into the mice’s paws and severing nerves to evaluate pain.

He said: “Many of the Bristol experiments involve manifestly cruel physical and psychological torments, and all to no purpose.

“Using GM mice to mimic human disease, whether at Bristol or any other research centre, is not delivering meaningful healthcare advances.”

He added that the experiments were “not relevant” to advancements in human pain control and called for more humane alternatives to be explored.

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “It is very important that people are aware of the facts of the matter.

“Neuropathic pain in humans can cause significant pain and distress and this is what this research is seeking to address.

“The nerve experiments described only provoke mild to moderate degrees of pain in mice, testing periods are short and the mice are freely able to withdraw from the stimulus at any time.

“The analogy would be stroking an area of sunburn after a long day on the beach. If it were possible to progress the research in other ways, then, of course we would.”


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