Free Vegan Food Stall in Bedminster


We had a hugely successful food sample stall in Bedminster today with hoards of people coming up to try some of the tasty vegan treats, the sun shone, and we had some fantastically positive conversations with people.. At times we had a crowd three people deep around the stall! The food went down very well and many people wanted to try making things at home, so much so that we ran out of recipe sheets about an hour before the end.

We were able to have some great chats with people about dropping meat, eggs and dairy in their diets. It seems a lot of people are questioning eating animal products lately so our stall couldn’t have been better timed. One family said they had been discussing only the night before going veggie! All the news about the horse meat scandal really does seem to be worrying people and making them lose confidence in what they are eating. At least we could be confident that everything we had to offer today was 100% horse meat free! Not to mention free from cholesterol, antibiotics and steroids, all of which are found in meat.

As well as recipes we handed out vegan nutrition booklets and nutritional wallcharts to brighten up people’s kitchens and help them ensure they are getting a well balanced diet.

We will be emailing recipes to those who requested them in the next few days. If you would like the recipes and didn’t add your name to the list on the stall today you can download them here.

We do the stalls monthly and alternate where we do them- let us know if you’d be interested in helping in March (date to be announced).

Download the  recipes from the stall here!


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