Delight as Great British Circus Announces That it is Closing Down

The Great British Circus have ties to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxhall near Bristol. Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm was exposed in 2009 for breeding tigers for the Great British Circus. Bristol Animal Rights Collective have been protesting against NAZF, and all zoos, ever since. We’re delighted to hear the news about the closure of the Great British Circus!

via Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS)

Campaigners at the Captive Animals Protection Society expressed their delight today as press reports broke that the Great British Circus, one of just four remaining circuses to use wild animals in the UK, will be closing down.

According to the report in Horse and Hound, circus owner, Martin Lacey said his decision came as a result of Government plans to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. He told the online magazine: “I am 70 this year so have decided to finish now.”

CAPS has been campaigning for decades to see an end to the use of all animals in circuses and has worked closely in coalition with other leading animal protection groups towards the ban.

Liz Tyson, Director, said today:

“To say that we are delighted at this news is an understatement. The door is firmly closing on the inherently cruel and unethical practice of using animals in circuses in this country. We fully support the Government’s plans to ban the practice altogether; making sure that no more wild animals are subjected to a life of constant transportation, inadequate accommodation and demanding training in order to be exploited for entertainment”.

Miss Tyson added that the charity would be following the progress of the breaking news story in order to understand what will happen to the animals; something which is a matter of concern. She also called on the Government to drop plans for an interim licensing regime.

She said:

“We were always opposed to the costly and complex licensing regime that the Government has proposed as an interim measure. Now that there are just two circuses that look likely to continue with wild animals next season, we are calling upon Government to drop licensing plans and move straight to a ban as a matter of urgency”.

Click here to read the press report.

UPDATE: Captive Animal Protection Society (CAPS) have released the following statement via their Facebook page:

“The Great British Circus has been quick to point out that it is not closing down, but ending its use of animals. This is contrary to the original article published earlier today in Horse and Hound, which has since been amended (see post below on this page for original headline and article opening: Zebra advertised for sale as circus closes down. Humbug is one of several equines looking for a good home, following his owner’s decision to close his circus). Ending the exploitation of animals is the aim of our campaign and we remain delighted. Friends at Born Free and the RSPCA have offered to help to re-home the animals as the public begin to take up calls against their sale – making demands that they be given a proper retirement.”


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