Two Days Of Anti-Badger Cull Activies In Bristol

Activists took to the streets of Bristol on the 25th and 26th on June to coincide with the high court reviewing the proposed badger cull in England.

On Monday the 25th a stall was set up centrally and information was distributed to the public regarding the proposed badger cull. There was also a call on people to contact Caroline Spelman, head of DEFRA, and issue their complaints. For information on how contact Caroilne click here.

On Tuesday the 26th staff of Natural England, the company responsible for issuing the cull licenses, were given leaflets on their way out of working requesting information on the cull. Activists are appealing for anyone who can provide information on where the cull will be taking place, who has been issued a license, and when they plan to be shooting.

If you have any information that may be helpful please send it to

All information will be treated as confidential. For anyone who may be breaching their terms of employment by providing information, it is suggested that you set up a free web-based e-mail account so as to remain anonymous when sending in information.

Badgers are not responsible for the spread of bovine TB, it is just another product of animal farming and humans treating animals as products. Rather than using badgers as a scapegoat, we should be looking instead to redefine our relationships with non-human animals.

For more information visit:


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  1. Well done BARC, hope to get involved with campaign. The wordpress site is much more accessable.

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