Music Festival To Be Held At Bristol Zoo

Bristol Animal Rights Collective supporters have been shocked to learn that WOMAD are to hold a music event at Bristol Zoo later this month. Bristol Zoo, which claims to be committed to animal welfare, is showing a complete disregard for the wild animals in their care by holding music events on the site. Captive animals are known to suffer high levels of stress when subjected to loud music and, unlike their counterparts in the wild, they will have no escape from the barrage of noise, people under the influence of alcohol and other unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells that are all part of a music festival.

We urge people to complain to Bristol Zoo and to WOMAD: – Press queries – Press queries/advertising
Box Mill,
Mill Lane,
United Kingdom, SN13 8PL

Bristol Zoo Gardens,
Bristol BS8 3HA
Tel: 0117 974 7399

For more information please read CAPS’ (Captive Animals Protection Society) informative article here.


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One response to “Music Festival To Be Held At Bristol Zoo

  1. ai

    I can’t believe they’re doing that. I feel especially sorry for the sand cats which have such sensitive hearing and are kept inside a tunnel with a barrage of people walking through and banging on the glass to their pathetically small compound. I’ve only ever seen those sand cats pace back and fro. I wish I could just close that zoo with the wave of a wand. I’m so upset that WOMAD would even be involved in doing this, out of all the places. Idiots.

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