More Noise At AXA’s Offices in Bristol

Today a group of activists loudly named and shamed AXA wealth on Marlborough Street, Bristol about their profiting from the torture of innocent animals inside Huntingdon Life Sciences. We held a noisy, informative demo while workers were leaving for the weekend to make sure the deaths of the 500 animals that died today (that they funded) would be fresh in their minds.

We came round the corner with the noise of our megaphone’s siren and the doors shut immediately. It was also clear that they’re losing their cool with us, workers looked depressed and irritated when they had to leave by a different door.

We let staff and the public know about AXA’s direct involvement with the vivisection industry, and how we won’t stop until they sell their shares in AstraZeneca. AXA, it’s only a matter of time until you join the list of hundreds of companies which refuse to involve themselves with Huntingdon Life Sciences, and we will keep turning up to remind you about your shame and blood money until you cut your ties with HLS.


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