Activists pay a visit to local AXA Offices

Activists surrounded AXA’s offices on Marlborough Street, Bristol today with a wall of noise. Although numbers swelled as the demo went on, it only took a small number of activists to make enough noise to get AXA’s backs up.

They locked their doors soon after the demonstration started and staff were re-directed round the building looking at their shoes. Just goes to show you don’t need numbers to have an effect, as long as you make enough noise!

The demonstration at Marlborough house lasted about an hour, and, after bidding that AXA fairwell, activists moved round to another AXA office in Spectrum House on Bond Street, Bristol.

Again, doors were locked early on and the noise echoed through the city’s streets for half an hour before quiet returned and AXA and their neighbours were left to think things over.

Shortly after the demonstration we recieved word that a neighbouring company were very unhappy that demonstrations kept being brought to their door. But these demonstrations will only intensify, and they won’t stop until AXA end their investment in Astrazeneca and the brutal vivisection industry. So if you have a problem with the demonstrations, you have a problem with AXA!


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