Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

As part of ‘zoo awareness weekend’ activists from Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) paid a Saturday morning visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

Noah’s Ark was exposed in 2009 for numerous acts of animal cruelty. This included killing animals over winter to save money on food, and keeping a tiger cub on display up until it’s death despite visitors voicing concerns for its well being, as well as many other things.

The zoo is also under much scrutiny for various forms of bigotry arising from fundamentalist religious views (including homophobia, sexism and racism) and has been the target of other activist groups bringing to attention the teaching of creationist beliefs to children.

However, BARC were not there to protest against the exceptional instances of animal cruelty, or any of the other worthy reasons. BARC were there because we are opposed to animals being held captive. No matter how big the cages, or how long the chains, we do not believe humans should have the right to imprison animals and deny them their natural life. Noah’s Ark were not too happy with the message of liberation brought to their gates that day, their frustration demonstrated in a member of staff (pictured) assaulting one demonstrator as they were leafleting cars entering the zoo.

However, the shoving ceased when demonstrators made clear to the staff member it was unacceptable. The demonstration lasted 2 hours, with many honks of support from locals and passers-by, many leaflets distributed, and several visitors changing their plans for the day, deciding to entertain themselves without animals being made suffer. For more information on the campaign against Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, or other local campaigns, contact us.


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